'Your Jubilee Broadstairs' 3rd June. Pierremont Hall.

This is an event being spearheaded and supported by a significant number of volunteers in our town.

Broadstairs Town Team are hosting a free celebration event - 'Your Jubilee Broadstairs' on 3rd June 2022 to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in the centre of Broadstairs, for our entire community to participate in and enjoy.

It will be held in Pierremont Hall and the surrounding area.

We want to capture local people’s individual memories and stories linked to events from the Coronation in 1953 right through all Jubilees to the present day.

Local designer Andy Spencer has designed the identity and imagery for the celebration.

‘Pavement Pounders’ – a specialist memory capture team from Folkestone will be recording and capturing stories and memories from our community about 'their' Jubilee.

We will also have still images/portraits taken by local Photographer Carlos Dominguez on a ‘2022 Jubilee backdrop’ – being designed as part of a competition involving local schools, and a Production Company will shoot ‘The Making of Broadstairs Jubilee Stories ‘ short film of the build up and the day itself.

A special, free Jubilee celebration tea will be provided for everyone that gets involved.

We want to take a multi-media ‘snapshot’ of our vibrant and varied community here in 2022 and form a permanent record for the town's archives.

We especially need volunteer help on the day itself too, to make the event happen and support this exciting project.

Whether participants and volunteers experienced their own personal favourite Jubilee here in Broadstairs or elsewhere, we are involving :

  • People who have direct recollections of the Coronation itself – anyone who will happily share their stories from the build up to and the day itself, and how they and their family or community celebrated or participated at the time.
  • People who experienced the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in February 1977, their stories and recollections.
  • Participants in any form of celebration, event or installation from the Golden Jubilee in 2002, and participants in any of the Diamond Jubilee events in 2012.
  • Children and Young people for whom the Platinum Jubilee will be their first experience of any kind of Royal Jubilee – what the Queen and ‘a Jubilee’ means to them today.

Broadstairs Town Team were kindly awarded funding by both The Lottery Community Fund and 'Arts Council Queen’s Jubilee Fund' to help bring this unique experience and event to life for everyone in our town to enjoy and remember.

Individuals, families, businesses, social clubs, groups and schools have all been invited.

There will be a chance to dress up for the portraits too, or come dressed in your own choice of suitable fancy dress.

For more information and to get involved, whether as a participant or a volunteer, or in fact both! please email info@broadstairstownteam.org.uk or visit: https://www.broadstairstownteam.org.uk/new-community-event-what-the-jubilee-means-to-me